Linking Demographics between Parent and Child Accounts in gCast


    This article is useful for gCast users that have a Parent/Child hierarchy, have access to a child account in that hierarchy, and have demographics that they want to link down to a child account from the parent account. The article is also useful for gCast users in a Parent/Child hierarchy that have access to their parent account's shared demographics.

    In this article:

    What are linked demographics and how do they work?

    What can you do with a linked demographic?

    How do you link a demographic from a parent to a child account?

    What are linked demographics and how do they work?

    Linking demographics is a feature that is available to gCast accounts that exist in a parent/child structure. They give a child account the ability to 'borrow' a parent's demographic for use down at the child level. The demographics in question are usually those that are integral to the operation of an API sync between CRM or POS systems and gCast. Without the demographic questions in place, the sync would fail and data would not be updated, causing issues with campaign sends (especially Set & Forgets). By linking down a demographic, the parent account can set up the demographics how they are required for syncing, and the child accounts can 'use' them in order to target campaigns effectively. While you would use the 'Copy' function to access a parent's shared demographic, linked demographics are not the same as copied demographics and it is important to understand the difference.

    What can you do with a linked demographic?

    A child account that has a linked demographic from its parent account can import to, trigger Set & Forget campaigns, and target campaigns using that linked demographic. The child account can also use the linked demographic as a placeholder in campaign content (so long as the demographic has been set up by the parent (i.e. the 'owner' of the demographic) to be used as a placeholder demographic. A linked demographic, behaves much in the same way as a normal demographic and you can even view the demographic attribute against a member record if a demographic is linked.

    The parent account that 'owns' the demographic question can make modifications to the demographic however, a child account using the demographic as a 'linked' demographic is only able to modify the 'Description' text.

    How do you link a demographic from a parent to a child account?

    Step 1: the parent account must share the demographic category with the child account

    Step 2: the child account must link the demographic down into their account

    Step 1: sharing the demographic category in the parent account:

    • Go to Admin/Demographics then click on the demographic category that contains the demographic you want to link (gCast's standard demographic categories are 'Demographics' or 'Registration Questions' but you might have custom demographic categories in place also)
    • On the 'General' tab, click on the sharing option that best suits the child accounts that you want to 
    • Select which child accounts you'd like to share the demographic category with (none, direct sub partners, all sub partners, or selected sub partners)

    Step 2: linking the demographic down into the child account:

    • Go to Admin/Demographics then click on the demographic category that you want to link the demographic down into
    • On the 'Questions' tab, click on the 'Copy question' link
    • In the 'Select where to locate the questions' section at the top of the page you'll see the child account and the parent account listed. Expand out the parent account list to show the demographic categories and surveys that have been shared with the child account
    • Expand out the demographics or survey section that contains the demographic question you want to link, then select the appropriate category or survey name
    • All available questions will be displayed with a checkbox next to each one and a 'Link' and 'Copy' button underneath the questions list
    • Click into the checkbox for each question you want to link and when you have each checkbox ticked, click on the 'Link' button
    • The questions you selected will be linked down immediately and will appear in the child account's list of demographic questions with '[Linked]' to the right of each linked question
    • When you're done linking questions, click on the 'Save' button to save the demographic question

    Alternative method:

    A parent account can 'push down' (manually or scheduled) an entire demographic category to its child account(s) and this performs the same action as linking. All pushed down demographics are, by default, linked after being pushed down. Demographics are the only asset that, when pushed down, are linked back to the parent version.

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