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    This article is useful for businesses that want to capture data through their webpage into gCast. 

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    How do I create an opt-in iframe in my webpage?

    How do I include additional fields in my opt-in iframe?

    How do I know the opt-in code is working?


    Introduction to opting in new members into gCast from your webpage

    Collecting data through a web form is quite a simple and powerful tool when used correctly. gCast has various web forms and code snippets that all accounts have access to. The most basic web form a gCast client can use is an iframe. You can use the iframes to collect data based on given name, last name, business name, email address and any additional registration/demographic questions.

    Note: the examples we've shown in this article have had the unique 'PID' blanked out for security reasons. The PID represents 'Partner ID' and each gCast account has its own unique PID. When you're looking at and copying your account's html code snippets, make sure that you leave the PID in place and intact or your html code will fail.

    How do I create an iframe in my webpage?

    1. Login into gCast
    2. Go to admin
    3. Go to special links (under the resources section)

    Once in special links you will see 2 sections:

    Opt-in (horizontal display)

    Opt-in (vertical display)

    These two opt in code snippets allow you to choose how you would like the iframe to display on your webpage. Once you have decided which display you would like, copy out the html code (from the '<iframe>" to the "</iframe>" and paste it into the html code of the webpage where you'd like your member sign up to appear (or supply it to your webpage administrator so they can integrate it into your webpage).1

    How do I include additional fields into my opt-in iframe? 

    The examples above show very basic opt-in information but you can include additional fields in your iframe if you want. gCast provides an easy-to-use table which outlines the additional parameters that are available for use in your iframe code:

    To include any of these additional fields in your iframe, simply add the parameter (e.g. 'gender=y'), separated by an '&' just prior to the Partner ID:

    The example above will include the 'Date of birth' and 'Gender' fields in your iframe:


    How do I know the opt-in code is working?

    As with any new integration, we strongly recommend you test your code changes.

    We recommend that you initially test your webpage opt-in form in a secure environment where the general public have access to it. Sign up using the iframe and then search for that member record in your gCast account to confirm that they have been added.

    You would also expect to receive a confirmation email after you've signed up. The out-of-the-box confirmation email is very basic but, you can create more elaborate and professional-looking 'Welcome' emails in our System Emails section of gCast or by using our newer Autoresponder functionality.

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    1. Include a height and width for your iframe to determine how much space it will take up on your webpage and to avoid horizontal or vertical scroll bars appearing

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