Using the gCast Support Portal


    Did you know that gCast has an online support portal that is designed to provide you with self-service support options?

    You can get information from our knowledge base and if you can't find the answer, you can submit a support request and one of our agents will respond as soon as possible.

    You can also login into our support portal to review and interact with your support requests, support requests you've been cc'd on, as well as support requests lodged by other people in your organisation.

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    Accessing our support portal

    Navigating around our support portal

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    1. Accessing our support portal

    You can access the support portal from gCast's 'Help Widget' or via the web by going to

    Our support portal landing page looks like this and without having to sign in you can quickly search for articles using the search bar (and typing in a keyword) or by browsing through the knowledge base:

    However, the real beauty of our portal is that, once you sign in you have more functionality in relation to submitted requests be they yours, or someone else in your organisation.

    Click on the 'Sign In' button to access your profile and activities, enter your email address and password, then click on the 'Sign in' button to proceed.

    • If you've contacted gCast Support previously you should have received an activation email from us at that point in time. Click on the 'Get a password' link to have the activation email re-sent and to retrieve your login credentials
    • If you're not sure, you can enter your email address and follow the 'forgot my password' link. You'll be able to reset your password from there
    • If you haven't contacted us before you can login using a social media profile or you can use the 'Sign Up' link to create a new user account

    2. Navigating around our support portal

    Once you've signed into our support portal, click on your profile (top right of the support portal page) and select 'My Activities' to access the support requests you've lodged, are cc'd in on, or have been lodged by other people in your organisation:

    The page will default to 'My requests' first and will display all of the support requests that you've submitted, along with their current status. You can search requests here in the 'Search requests' area by typing in a keyword then <enter>. You can also filter by 'Status'.

    Click on the 'Requests I'm CC'd on' link to view the support requests that you've been cc'd on by either your colleague or a gCast support agent. In addition to the request number, subject line, last activity, and status, you can also see the name of the person that cc'd you on the request:

    To view support requests from other people in your organisation, click on the 'Organization requests' link. In addition to the request number, subject line, last activity, and status, you can also see the names of the people that submitted the requests. Additionally, if you're associated with more than one organisation (in our support portal), you'll be able to switch organisation in the 'Organization' drop-down:

    If you'd like the 'Organization requests' to be switched on for your organization, please get in touch with gCast Support and we can arrange this for you.

    3. Interacting with a support request via the portal

    You can click on any request in any of the request lists and the entire history of the request will be displayed on a new page. You can write a reply or comment against the request and it will be sent through to our support inbox. If the request has a status of 'Solved' you'll still be able to create a follow-up request even if the original can't be re-opened


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