Enhancement to Post Process Feature in Campaigns


    In addition to updating the 'happy to receive emails' (opt-in) setting, you can now update the 'happy to receive sms' and 'active user' settings on the 'Post Process' tab of a campaign.

    The purpose of the 'Post Process' feature is to update a member's profile automatically as a campaign is processed and sent from gCast.

    You can now set a member record to 'happy to receive sms' is yes or no or set a member record to 'active' or 'inactive' as long as they have been included in a particular campaign's send.

    This is especially useful for final campaigns in a re-engagement series (e.g. 'you will not hear from us again') or for CANSPAM (Canadian anti-spam legislation) compliance requirements on welcome emails.

    Learn more about gCast's 'Post Process' feature here

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