Drag & Drop Pro - Inserting & Editing Text


    This article is useful for Drag & Drop Pro users who want to be able to insert and edit text throughout a template or campaign. 

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    Introduction to Inserting & Editing text

    Who can use this feature?

    How do I insert and edit text in Drag & Drop Pro?



    Drag & Drop Pro allows the user to insert text throughout the template and allows the user to edit the content when needed.

    Who can use this feature?

    All gCast users who are in Drag & Drop Pro are able to use the feature of inserting and editing text throughout the template.

    How do I insert and edit text in Drag & Drop Pro?

    To insert text, use the text icon as seen below


    To insert the text; click on the text icon and drag it into the template where the user would like to drop it into the template


    To be able to edit the text, double click on the text and the text bar will appear either below or above.


    To exit out of the “edit text bar” click on the white space of the template.


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