Drag & Drop Pro - Previewing Your Work


    This article is useful for Drag & Drop users who want to be able to preview the campaign before sending a test email.

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    Introduction to Previewing Your Work

    Who can use this feature?

    How to preview your Drag & Drop Pro template?

    How to view on three different devices?



    Drag & Drop Pro allows the user to  to preview the template on three different devices, mobile, tablet and desktop.

    Who can use this feature?

    All gCast users who are in Drag & Drop Pro are able to use this feature when the user is creating a template or campaign.

    How to preview your Drag & Drop Pro template?

    To preview how the template will appear on all devices, click on the phone, tablet or desktop icons as seen below


    How to preview on three different devices?

    To view on any of the device displayed, simply just click on the device and it will allow you to view the template how it would be displayed as an email

    Desktop View


    Tablet Preview


    Mobile View


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