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    This article is useful for Drag & Drop Pro users who want to be able to add in several different columns into the template or campaign. 

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    Introduction to Inserting Columns

    Who can use this feature?

    How do I insert a column?



    Drag & Drop Pro allows the user to create multiple columns throughout the template to achieve the users desired design.

    Who can use this feature?

    All gCast users who are in Drag & Drop Pro are able to use the feature of inserting columns into the template.

    How do I insert a column?

    To insert a column, the icon is on the left-hand side as seen below.


    Click on the column icon and drag and drop into the template as seen below.


    To create multiple columns. On the right-hand side under the tab content, you can adjust the width, add in more columns and equalize the width of all columns as seen below. Users can also insert columns into existing columns. Simply drag a new column element into the single column that you want it to appear in.


    To insert a photo or text in the columns, just simply drag and drop those elements into the desired column.


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