Drag & Drop Pro - Default and Content Settings


    This article is useful for any gCast user who are using Drag & Drop Pro and need an overview of how to use the designer.

    In this article:

    Introduction to Drag & Drop Pro Overview

    Who can use this feature?

    Overview of Drag & Drop Pro



    Drag & Drop Pro allows the user to overview the default settings and help navigate the user through the template from "How to use" tab.

    Who can use this feature?

    All gCast users who are in Drag & Drop Pro allows an overview of the template settings are able to use this feature.

    Overview of Drag & Drop Pro?

    Default settings is the standard template settings, the user can customise the default settings for templates.


    If you get stuck...

    When the user creates content in the template for each piece of content there is a “how to use” area on the right-hand side of the template under the content tab. If you click the “+” the user will be able to see the description for that particular content. For example;

    42.png 43.png







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