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    Now that you have a gCast account, it is yours to customise to your branding by adding in your details such as logo, company details, social media URLs and staff, members who will be using gCast as well as the main user. Staff access settings are can be customized and be given certain access rights by the administrator.

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    How to insert your logo

    Go to Admin – Site Preferences – Logo and click browse – locate your image and click upload image.

    How to add/edit your Company details

    Click on your profile – Company Details – Add your Company contact information such as email address, work phone number, primary address and click Save.

    How to set your campaign from/reply to email address

    Click on admin – Campaign Settings – Add the email address in which you wish for all your campaigns to appear to send from as well as the campaign from name.

    For example sent from email address and campaign from name Gen3Media.

    How to set your social media URLs for the drag & drop email creator

    In the same screen as above, scroll down to Social. In this section you add all your relevant social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (as seen in

    The example below, enter your URLs according to how they would appear in a browser such as You will also have the ability to share

    Your campaigns directly to Facebook and Twitter by logging in and allowing gCast access to your pages.

    How to set up Staff member

    Click on admin – Under Staff – Add new staff member – Create a username of choice, this can be their email address if you choose and create a password. Once

    you hit Save an error will appear to advise you that the email address is bad or account is locked, this will be because you are required to enter an email address in Personal.

    Now click on Access, in here you will select the access level of the staff member from the dropdown box. Once selected, click Add and Save.

    Your staff member will now be able to access your companies gCast account using their own login. Should any staff forget their credentials or lock themselves out

    Of the platform, you will have to ability to either send a reminder or unlock their account on their behalf.

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