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    Designing a new Template using Drag & Drop Editor

    There is the option to create a template within the gCast using our Drag & Drop editor, this tool has been created and designed to help the less savvy marketer create an amazing template.

    HINT: To enlarge, click on the image and open in a new tab 

    To design your template

    1) In gCast, click on Administration

    2) Under temples, select Create new template

    3) Give your template a name and subject for identification purposes

    4) You are now ready to begin designing and see the following screen

    To the right are the fields which you can insert into the template on

    the left by simply selecting the field type and dragging the field over

    to the ---drop here--- using your mouse

    Once you have successfully selected and dropped the preferred layout, you can now begin to build your template by performing the same types, such as Text Columns, Image and Text and Dividers. Action but using the different layout.

    Now that you have the desired layout, you can now start styling the columns and loading imagery. This is where your template really starts to take shape.

    For example:

    Add an image, browse to your library and select your image – the image will be automatically inserted according to the image properties (to add a new image to your library, browse to the location and select the file from within the image gallery)

    To change the email background, content background, font colour, text aligning and column padding, click on the left hand column by clicking on the Styling tab as seen below

    You should now have a finished template that looks similar to the following


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