gCast subscribes to the “one database” theory. That is, your members are collated into one large catalogue, then marked with common defining characteristics to help you segment like-minded sections of your database.

    The one database theory helps you manage your data in a more effective way. Your members are only listed once in your database but labelled with multiple describing characteristics to help you segment and target with more efficiency. These describing characteristics are called demographics.

    There are two types of demographics: Registration demographics and General demographics.

    A common question asked is what should I use, Registration demographics or Generic Demographics?

    The simple answer is to:

    • Use registration questions if: you want the questions available to your members to see or update. For example asking the member about their interests – as you’ll see from this website they’ve asked a few questions to better profile their members
    • Use Generic demographics if: you don’t want the questions visible to your members. For example a “Client Type” question similar to the one we imported in the “Importing Members” tutorial. Generic demographics are used to contact people based on the answers in the demographic.

    HINT: To enlarge, click on the image and open in a new tab 

    How to create a new demographic

    Go to Admin – Member Database – Demographics – Categories – Demographics – Questions and Add a New Question

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