Campaign Creation & Activation


    Now that you have configured your company profile, have imported your member database, setup demographics if required, there are images loaded into your image gallery or you have an HTML template loaded and have a good idea on how to monitor statistics in campaign manager, you will now be ready to activate your first campaign using gCast.

    To start the process, click on campaigns from the navigation menu and select the applicable option of template. You will then be direct to the campaign setup which consists of 6 step by step required actions in order to successfully create a campaign.

    HINT: To enlarge, click on the image and open in a new tab 

    Step 1 - Campaign Layout


    Step 2 - Send Options

    Once Only vs Set & Forget Ongoing

    A Broadcast campaign also known as a Once Only. This option is used for campaigns such as newsletters or promotional eDMs and can be sent at any date in the future.

    1. Set the date, click on the to the right of the Send Date to which a calendar will appear. Once your date is selected, the calendar will disappear and the date will be visible.
    2. Choose a start time, this is the time which the campaign will be sent to members

    A Set & Forget campaign is a campaign which is setup to continually send between two set dates and these campaigns are based upon Birthdays and other reoccurring events by opting the frequency to Set and Forget Ongoing.

    1.Select the promotion type from the event related such as Date of Birth from the drop down menu

    2.Choose how many days/weeks/months or years after or before the date to send based upon. (Example – 7 days 1 week before the event)

    3.Set the dates for the send by clicking on the V to the right of the Send Date to which a calendar will appear. Once your date is selected, the calendar will disappear and the dates will be visible. TIP: Set the end date as far in the future as possible so that your campaign rolls daily

    4.Set the daily time in which you wish the campaign to automatically send upon

    Step 3 - Demographics

    Demographics are used to target specific scenarios such as members who belong to a particular Group, Club or that live in a particular Suburb.

    For example, I would like to send a voucher to all of my members who live within a 2 km radius of my business. My postcode is 4000, therefore I want to target all members of the 4000, 4001, 4002 and 4003 postcode, in order to tell gCast to select these members, I must enter my scenario in the demographics screen

    Step 4 - Social

    The social tab allows you have the option to share your campaign via Facebook and Twitter.

    Click on the social media icons and login using your Facebook or Twitter credentials 

    Step 4 - Status

    Before you can activate your campaign, you must first of all send yourself a test. This allows you to view the campaign exactly how the receiver will view it when they receive it into their mailbox.

    gCast will request that you confirm the following:

    - I have proof read the email

    - I have approved the subject bar

    - I have spell checked the document

    - I have check ALL the links and they work correctly


    You will now be able to Activate and send your campaign CONGRATULATIONS!!



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