Understanding the Campaign Manager


    Your campaign manager will be the tool you will use to create and view campaigns as well as having an eagle eyes view of all your campaigns performance based upon sent, opened, bounce backs and opt out statistics.

    The campaign manager also gives you the ability to search campaigns based on name as well as sent between dates, status and method, such as Email or SMS.

    HINT: To enlarge, click on the image and open in a new tab 


    In the campaign manager screen you will see an actions icon, this functionality allows you to do the following:

    - Copy the selected campaign including all send options and demographics without having to reconfigure the campaign

    - Convert to SMS, allowing you to also copy the send options and demographics as well as the first line of content

    - Delete a campaign or multiple selected campaigns at once (only inactive campaigns can be deleted)

    - Edit an inactive campaign (should you wish to edit an active campaign, you must first deactivate the campaign in the status area)



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