Targeting based on Campaign Activity


    Note: For those reading this, we assume you’re familiar with Scenarios and Demographics. If you are not familiar, we recommend you take a look at Demographics under the Resources.

    What is this feature about?

    Whilst you can send targeted communication based on member data you can also based on campaign interaction.

    This feature will allow you to easily re-engage with your members based on campaign activity.

    How does it work?

    Within the demographics scenario section of your campaign you would select “Your Company” Campaigns.

    You’ll be presented with the following categories

    • Any campaign
    • Last 10 sent
    • Once only campaigns
    • Set and forgets

    For each category you can choose from the following

    • was sent (the campaign)
    • was opened (Email only – was sent, but did not open the campaign)
    • was clicked (Email only and where tracked links are enabled)
    • was not sent (the campaign)
    • was not opened (Email only – was sent but did not open)
    • was not clicked (Email only and where tracked links are enabled)

    And you can choose the time frame (date based)

    • on
    • after
    • before
    • between
    • anytime

    When would you use this?

    In a scenario of any campaign.

    Maybe you have an offer that you are wanting to send to those who have engaged with you at least once. So you might want to send to people where they have opened any campaign. Whilst that’s good, if you’ve been running a campaigns for years that might still be a lot of people and not those who are your engaged folk. So if you select to those who have opened any campaign after or before a specific date – it’ll help you get the good message to those engaged people.

    In the scenario of last 10 sent

    This method allows you to select a specific campaign quickly – so in the above mentioned campaign you could create a follow up that sends an offer to those who were not send this campaign – or perhaps you want to send a follow up to those who were sent the campaign and have clicked something?

    As a side note you may have accidentally sent out the wrong offer (hey, it happens) or something has changed relating to that particular offer – so you may want to resend an email to those who have opened the campaign.

    Remembering you can also use demographics with this so in an instance maybe there was an issue with a certain ISP at the time and everyone with a gmail address has there emails soft bounced (meaning that have been marked as temporarily unreachable). Once the issue was resolved you could send to those who were sent a specific campaign, where email contains Gmail.

    Once only and Set and forget

    So there’s a campaign that’s a little past the 10 – here you can select the relevant campaign. They’re listed with most recent campaign first as DD/Month/YYYY. Once only list the “Broadcast” campaigns available, Set and forget list the “Ongoing” campaigns sent based on date related data. Any of the above scenarios apply – you just have the option to choose any campaign.

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