How to Insert Symbols into your Subject Line



    Insert symbols in subject lines

    Click on the Font drop down menu and select ‘Arial Unicode MS’

    Insert symbols in subject lines

    Tick the Advanced view check box at the bottom left of the program.

    Insert symbols in subject lines

    Select Unicode Subrange for the Group by setting

    Insert symbols in subject lines

    In the Group By popup search for and click on Symbols & Dingbats

    Insert symbols in subject lines

    Click on your desired symbol and then click Select. You should see it appear in the Characters to copy section below the symbols

    Insert symbols in subject lines

    Click the copy button next to the right of Characters to copy and then open up your gCast campaign.

    Paste (hold Ctrl + V on the keyboard) the symbol into your desired spot in the subject line or content

    Insert symbols in subject lines

    Tutorials for accessing special characters on the following Operating systems:



    It cannot be stressed enough just how important it is to thoroughly test your campaigns when inserting special characters, due to the inconsistent nature of the symbols and their interactions with various email platforms and operating systems. Try sending tests to different email accounts on varying platforms, opening the emails through different browsers and even on another operating system if possible. If one of the symbols that you are testing is experiencing any major problems in a highly populated environment (e.g. Microsoft Outlook), then discontinuing the use of that symbol should seriously be considered.

    The practicality of special characters doesn’t simply end with email campaigns, they can be used anywhere in gCast! There are surveys, demographics, SMS campaigns (beware that many characters can cause problems in SMS), and coupons just to name a few.

    So next time you’re looking to add some extra flair to your next campaign you should seriously consider trying out special symbols. See if you’re able to improve open-rates like others have, and remember to keep the amount of symbols you use in moderation.


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