There were rejections in my import, what do they mean?


    It is not uncommon to get rejections when importing members into gCast.

    gCast will import the records it can the records it can and will generate a report containing any records that did not import.

    The error report is a direct copy of the original file with an additional field (column) at the end containing the reason why each record wasn't imported.

    Common reasons for a record being rejected during import include:

    • 'invalid email' - usually relates to an email address being syntactically incorrect e.g. or someone@hotmail
    • 'invalid demographics' - usually relates to a date format not recognised by gCast, or an answer to a multi-choice question not being recognised

    You can fix the rejections in the error file and re-import (taking care not to include the additional 'reason for error' column in your mapping!) but you might need to fix your data in your source as well as it will continue to reject in the future.

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