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    Who can use this feature?

    How do I create a confirmed opt-in campaign?



    Confirmed opt-in is a stronger method for ensuring that consent to send your communications is provided. It reduces the possibility of fake or non-existent emails entering your database and also reduces the risk that the email address provided doesn't actually belong to the person that provided it.

    Confirmed opt-in in gCast uses auto-responder campaigns as welcome emails (or complete your opt-in process), that send out as soon as the details are received into gCast but also opt-out the email address as soon as the campaign is sent.

    gCast will not send any campaigns to opted-out people, so these types of campaigns are perfect for requiring the recipient to confirm their opt-in by clicking on a link once they've received the email and consciously confirm their subscription status.

    Who can use this feature?

    You will need to adjust the access rights on your gCast user account (and the gCast user account of anyone on your team who might create or edit your confirmed opt-in campaign) to include the Post Process feature in gCast. You'll also need the auto-responders feature switched on in your gCast account.

    Adding the Post Process function to a profile

    To do this, login to gCast and edit your profile (or the profile of the staff member)

    Click on the 'Access' tab

    Click on the drop-down menu in the 'Access Rights' area and select 'Access to the post process function in campaigns', then click the 'Add' button

    Click 'Save' and you're done.

    Adding Auto-Responder Functionality to your gCast Account

    You will know if you already have access to auto-responder campaign functionality by creating a new campaign and clicking on the 'Send Options' tab. If auto-responders are available on your account, you'll see the options for 'once-only', 'set and forget', and 'auto-responders':


    If they're not active then you will only see the options for 'once only' and 'set and forget':


    Auto-responders are not a default setting for many accounts, please get in touch with our team so we can switch it on for you.


    How do I create a Confirmed Opt-In Campaign?

    • Login to gCast
    • Create a new campaign and in your content, make sure you include the opt-in link (available in the 'Personalised Fields' drop-down
    • On the 'Send Options' tab, select 'Auto-responder' as the frequency
    • When the page refreshes, you'll see a section titled 'Auto-responder' underneath the frequency settings
    • To set-up the auto-responder trigger, using the drop-down, select 'core demographics' in the first selection box, then select 'Member Data' in the second selection box
    • A third selection box will then appear; select 'Date joined' from the drop-down list
    • Underneath the trigger settings you can choose the delay time between when the member record gets added to gCast and when the campaign is sent to that person - you can choose from 5 minute increments where '0 minutes' is effectively 'immediate' (most people would select 0 or 5 minutes here)
    • Enter the start date and time for your campaign (bearing in mind that auto-responders are different to other emails in gCast as they are triggered any time the trigger demographic is updated in gCast and as such don't have a set time of day when they will send)
    • Check your 'Sent From' and 'Reply to' settings then click 'Save & continue' and you'll progress to the post process tab
    • On the Post Process tab, click on the drop down menu in the 'Add a demographic' field and select 'Standard Demographics' from the list that appears
    • The page will refresh to display a number of demographics with checkboxes next to them
    • Click into the checkbox next to 'Happy to receive emails' - this should now display a tick in that box
    • Click the 'Add' button at the bottom of the list
    • The 'Happy to receive emails' demographic should now display with radio buttons next to it labelled 'Yes' and 'No'
    • Click into the 'No' radio button - it should now display a dot in it


    • Click on the 'Save & continue' button and continue as you would normally, through to activating the campaign when you're ready

    These steps complete the campaign settings you would need to have in place for a confirmed opt-in campaign.

    You can add extra demographics to target specific groups of people whenever their records are added into gCast, such as where the source was website (so long as you have a demographic for this and you are capturing that information at your source and sending that information into gCast) so that your auto-responder only sends to people who have signed-up via your website. Doing this will give you the opportunity to create different content if you need to.

    Example 1:

    On the basis of the instructions above, your send options would look something like this:


    This campaign will trigger and send any time someone new is added into your gCast account and will send as soon as gCast sees that occur.




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