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    This article is useful for gCast users who are looking to invite their existing members to review and update the current details that are in gCast.


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    Who can use this feature?

    How do I ask my existing members to update their details?


    Data goes out of date and it's not always possible to keep track of your member's contact details, name changes, mobile number changes etc.

    gCast makes it very easy for you to send out a simple 'update your details' survey that links right back to the member's gCast profile without the need to export or re-import that information.

    Who can use this feature?

    All of the features and functions you need to do this are readily available to all gCast accounts 

    How do I ask my existing members to update their details?

    Step 1 - Create your 'update your details' survey

    gCast has a survey tool that you can use to gather more information about your members. Usually used for 'feedback' style questionnaires, the survey tool can easily be turned into a powerful method of collecting other important information about your members, especially for giving them the opportunity to keep you up-to-date with the information that's important to both of you.

    To learn about creating surveys in gCast, click here.


    The major point of difference in an 'update your details' survey is the way in which you add the questions.

    Remember, we don't want to create brand new questions, we want to update the core demographics that come in your 'out of the box' gCast account and have those answers directly attribute back onto the member's profile record in gCast.

    To do this, when you arrive at the 'Questions' tab in your survey, click 'Add new question', then scroll down to the 'Answer Format' field and select 'Profile Attribute' from the list. You'll then see a list of the out-of-the-box profile questions below.

    You can only select one at a time but, when you're ready, you can save the question and when your existing member modifies the answer to that question in the survey, it will automatically update their member record too.

    The result is very similar behaviour to the 'linking' of demographic questions into a survey but the method of achieving it is clearly a little different.

    Adding a profile attribute to a survey is gCast's version of a desktop shortcut - the version in the survey isn't the original but it does give you direct access to the original, whereas 'Add new question' for any other answer format is just like copy and paste - two separate versions of the same thing, operating independently of each other.

    When you've added all the profile attributes you want, complete your survey as normal, and don't forget to put in the start and end dates and to activate it!

    Step 3 - Create your campaign to existing members

    For this step, you would create your campaign as normal, but in the content you need to include a link to the survey you created in step 2. gCast allows you to easily insert surveys into your campaign content and the WYSIWYG editors have a dedicated button for survey insertion.

    Insert your 'update your details' survey, target your campaign (don't forget to exclude new members from a particular date if you have already modified your opt-in page to include preferences) and activate it and you're done.


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