Adding Preferences to your Opt-Out Page in gCast


    This article is useful for gCast users who are looking to implement the use of member preferences for existing members who click on the opt-out/unsubscribe link but may be convinced to think otherwise when presented with options for communications.

    Member preferences help you to more effectively target your campaigns or where, for legal reasons, you might want to gain stronger and clearer consent. Asking your members for their preferences around communication based on frequency, content, or something else can help immensely with list hygiene and also helps you stay relevant and reduce your member 'churn'.

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    Who can use this feature?

    How do I add preferences onto my opt-out page?


    gCast offers some basic opt-in code snippets for including iframe and html opt-in code in your webpage which is great for new people signing up, but what about your existing database? A targeted campaign, based around preferences is only as good as the preferences you've collected and your opt-in form on your webpage won't capture your existing database.

    In gCast, getting smart with your content and using a combination of demographics and gCast's survey tool, you can target your existing members (without re-engaging your new members who may already have provided their preferences at opt-in) and have their responses link straight back onto their gCast profile ready for targeting, all without the need to export that data and reimport.

    You can also add those preferences onto your opt-out page so that when a member clicks on the 'unsubscribe' link in your campaign email, not only will they see the 'happy to receive' settings, but they'll first see your preferences which gives them more control over the targeted communication pieces that you send. Emphasizing preferences in this way can retain customers who would otherwise have unsubscribed and therefore 'lost business'.

    Who can use this feature?

    All of the features and functions you need to do this are readily available to all gCast accounts and hinge heavily around getting smart with your demographics - and most gCast users should be familiar with demographics and how they work.

    How do I add preferences onto my opt-out page?

    Step 1 - Create your demographic questions

    Before you can ask your existing members to update their preferences, you'll need to create your demographic questions in gCast first. If you're not familiar with creating demographics, you can read more information here.

    To include those demographics on your opt-out page, simply tick the 'Opt-Out page' checkbox: 

    You do not need to tick the 'Only show selected options' checkbox for a preferences page - the more preferences you display to a potentially-departing customer, the more likely they are to take advantage of selecting those preferences. If you were to tick the 'Only show selected options' checkbox, then only the preferences they had already selected would be displayed to them and this could be counter-productive to your reasons for asking them to select preferences in the first place.


    Step 2 - Target your campaigns

    Don't forget, for preferences to be useful, you will need to review any current campaigns you have running (including auto-responders and set and forget campaigns) to ensure that they're targeting based on the preferences you've collected. Any future campaigns you create may need to take consideration of the preferences too.

    You may even want to think about having different welcome emails and distinctly separate campaigns per preference, if your preferences are significantly different in nature.

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