What are the Benefits of Integrating with gCast?


    Integrating your website, e-commerce site, CRM, application or other system with gCast can make life easier for your customers, staff, or your clients. Integration enables you to simplify some commonly-performed processes such as subscriber opt-ins, campaign creation and reporting, and can also reduce the level of direct involvement and double-handling with tasks such as data import and export between gCast and your system. We offer a number of methods by which you can integrate with gCast, ranging from iframe solutions to full Application Programming Interface (API) integration.

    What Integration Options are Available?

    Opt-in, Login, Raffles, and Account Registrations
    Include iframes on your website or in your application to enable your subscribers to opt-in directly into your gCast database. We provide html code specific to your client account that enables you to embed horizontal or vertical iframes. We also provide client-specific html code and available optional parameters for those clients that want to add extra fields in addition to basic identification information into their iframes.

    If an iframe doesn’t suit your needs, we provide the option of using a customised web form to enable your subscribers to opt-in directly into your gCast database. We provide a link to a sample form containing client-specific html code along with a list of available fields, their limitations and parameters, as well as their use in gCast.

    Automated Login
    Use form actions to include automated gCast login functionality on your web page or in your application without requiring your end-user to remember a username and password combination. The client-specific html code provided gives you the ability to automatically login to the gCast Main Menu, Campaign Manager, Recent Campaigns, or Create Campaign area.

    Self-Registration for Reseller Clients, Head Offices and Franchisors
    gCast resellers or clients who operate in a franchising or head office environment might also find our client self-registration code useful. Embedding this html code into your website or application will enable your clients or branches to register their own gCast accounts.

    Other Code Snippets
    For clients that use our Promo Suite feature, we provide client-specific code snippets that enable you to pop in a link to display your raffles on your website or application, with a number of styling options.

    Application Programming Interface (API)
    While the above integration options allow for some operational streamlining, integrating via an API can save you and your team a great deal of time when it comes to managing your data, organising your campaigns, and analysing your data. With API integration in place, if you make a change outside of gCast this change can be synchronised seamlessly into gCast and vice versa. You reduce the time and effort involved in exporting and importing data in order to keep both systems synchronised. Other possibilities with API integration include ROI reporting, and campaign management. For those clients that are looking for more robust integration and synchronisation options, we support REST or SOAP API integration. Your developers can access our technical API documentation at www.gcast.com.au/help and can request further assistance by calling the gCast Development Team on +61 7 3366 1616. Please note that our API page is currently under maintenance with more resources available in the near future.


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