Trackable Links


    Trackable links are gCast's method for tracking the clicks, instances, and hits on URLs that you've included in your content.

    Your campaigns will generally automatically convert URLs in your content into trackable links but you can also create and manage them manually in the Trackable Links area of your account.

    Use the search function to easily filter the record card list to find the trackable link you're looking for.


    Trackable links are displayed as record cards with useful information included on the card such as whether it has been shared with your account by your parent account, or whether you've shared it with one of your child accounts. You can also see when the trackable link was created, how many hits and instances have been tracked against that link, as well as whether the link is live or inactive.

    If you've attributed an image to your trackable link then this will also be displayed on the record card.

    Click on the Actions button for more ways you can interact with the record itself, such as edit, copy, delete etc.


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