Adding Members and Your Account's Member List


    Quickly add new customer details into your gCast account manually using the Add Member function. We've made it super-easy for you to quickly create a new member record with the bare minimum information that you're going to want.


    Of course, you can still continue editing or come back later to add those additional attributes you might have about that person.

    Use the search and filter functions to easily find the member record you're looking for. gCast's search functionality will search the field names and their contents to make it really easy for you to locate the member record you're looking for.

    Member records are displayed as record cards with useful information included on the card such as the person's name, their email address, mobile number, opt-in status for email and SMS, and whether or not they are contactable by either of those methods. You can see information on when the member record was first created in gCast as well as whether their record is active or not.

    Click on the Actions button for more ways you can interact with the record itself, such as edit, delete, or deactivate etc.

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