Your gCast account lets you store additional attributes or information that you might have about your customers. These attributes are called demographics in gCast.

    Demographics are used primarily for targeting your campaigns without the need to upload a new list every time. Instead, gCast will compile the list for you and target the campaign against that list, based on the criteria you select. You can also use demographics to personalise your campaign content or you can include them on your gCast opt-out page to capture more information about an unsubscribing customer.

    Even though your gCast account comes with a wide set of out-of-the-box demographics (such as contact details, suburb, state, postcode, date of birth etc), quite often you'll have additional information in your CRM or external database that you would use to compile a refined list of customers. This is where demographics comes in. Create a demographic for each of your custom attributes (if they don't already exist in your gCast account) and that information will be stored against that customer until you decide to change or remove it.

    Use the filter buttons to easily filter the record card list to find the demographic you're looking for. If you can't find it, you can use the create, edit, or copy features to create your own custom demographic.


    Demographics are displayed as record cards with useful information included on the card such as whether it has been shared with your account by your parent account, or whether you've shared it with one of your child accounts. You can also see when the demographic was created, whether it is used for personalisation of content or on your opt out page. You can even see what type of demographic it is all without the need to edit the record.


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