Importing Your Customer Data


    Importing your customer data into your gCast account has never been easier. In 3 easy steps your data will be in your gCast account and you'll be ready to start targeting those beautiful emails and SMSs you've created.

    Drag and Drop your CSV or TAB delimited import file into the drop zone or browse to the file's location manually.


    Map the fields in your import file to the fields in gCast by dragging gCast fields from the left-hand panel over to the mapping panel on the right. Fields in your mapping panel that are displayed in grey have not been mapped. gCast even has some behind-the-scenes smarts and will try to match some or all of those fields for you, these are displayed in blue with a question mark icon against them - click on them to accept the proposed matching or you can clear the matching and/or drag a different gCast field over the top to replace the existing matching. You can even create new demographics on-the-fly so you don't have to leave your import process mid-way through after the discovery that some of the information is missing in your account.

    Grey fields don't have to be matched. If you don't want to match them, leave them unmatched and they won't be imported. Any fields that you have either approved for matching or have matched manually will display in green. These will import.


    When you're happy with your field mapping, click the import button. The import will show you the progress as it goes and will display when it has completed.


    If there are any errors with your import then you'll see an error count and you can download a file containing the records that errored along with a reason why they errored. Error records will not import so you'll have to fix them up and re-import later.


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