Parent/Child Hierarchies in gCast

gCast has a unique feature that enables clients with multiple business units or locations to each have their own account in gCast. Each account is completely separate to any of the other accounts and can be administered locally or from a parent account that serves as a 'Head Office' account. We refer to the 'Head Office' as the 'Parent' account and any account underneath it in the hierarchy as the 'Child' account. There is no limit to the depth of the hierarchy, enabling you to have 'Grandchild' and 'Great Grandchild' accounts too if necessary. Channel partners might find this functionality especially useful for managing their various businesses, franchises, or other business model in gCast. With Parent/Child comes additional and very specific functionality that is designed to make life easier for those gCast users with this structure. This area of our Knowledge Base aims to outline these various functions and behaviours. If you are interested in Parent/Child for your gCast experience, please drop us a line to see how we can assist you and to see if it is a fit for you.